What Would Google Do?

14 Sep

The assigned article ¨What Would Google Do?¨ highlights the growing and overwhelming amount of influence that consumers can have on corporations through their use of social media. A seemingly short rant can lead to a significant decrease in product sales and affect the entire way a company conducts customer service. These trends can be related to the topic of this blog, restaurants, or specifically, sushi restaurants. As I will be living in Barcelona, Spain, a city thousands of miles away from my hometown of New York and my university city, Nashville, Tennessee, I often resort to popular travel websites such as tripadvisor.com, which provide multiple user reviews of restaurants in various cities.

There have been several instances in which I have found a restaurant which appears to have a large percentage of positive reviews, with only a couple of dissenting opinions. In these cases, restaurant owners and managers have been quick to respond to criticism, defending their establishments and even questioning the integrity of the reviewer through the website. These examples show the expanding role of social media in today´s world. Owners understand the vast effect to which a single online post can have on their business, and feel the need to express themselves through similar platforms, in order to appeal to consumers. One single click of the mouse can affect how a business is viewed, and owners realize that they must resort to combating criticism head-on, through social media.


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