Social Networking Progress

4 Oct


After last week’s discussions about social networks, I found this short video online about social networks, posted over four years ago. While everything in the video is rather obvious now, I found it humorous to remember back to the beginning of my high school days and being told “You HAVE to try Friendster!” “You HAVE to get on MySpace!” “You NEED a Facebook!” While I simply scoffed until I realized that every single one of my friends had a Facebook and created one for myself, it is astounding to realize how far social networking has come in a period of around five years. The statements made today about social networking in general seem fairly basic and understood to mostly everyone, but it is eye-opening to think that the video above may have made all of us roll our eyes and expect the apparent ‘craze’ to die down soon! Even more revolutionary is YouTube, where I was able to find this very video in a matter of minutes! While we all take it for granted today, think of where we would have turned for informational or entertainment videos only a few years ago… Drawing a blank? Me too…


2 Responses to “Social Networking Progress”

  1. About October 26, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    Very cool, I’m a total Facebook addict!


  1. ipad - October 31, 2011

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