How to Podcast

30 Nov

While most of us have definitely heard about podcasting and understand the basic idea behind one, I would guess that very few of us have ever created or even thought about starting our own. Sure, we have strong opinions and original ideas about our various hobbies or favorite shows, but wouldn´t the process behind creating one be both time consuming and confusing? The answer is surprisingly, no! Creating and editing one´s own podcast takes both little effort and limited technical skill (and can even be done for free). For example, from the moment one sits down to talk about the previous night´s episode of Entourage with a friend, the audio file is only minutes away from being able to be uploaded to potentially millions of listeners and subscribers! Here is a helpful video that guides through the relatively easy steps involved in creating and uploading a podcast to a worldwide audience on iTunes:

Pretty easy, right? In-class discussion on Monday focused on a variety of programs available online to all for free that guide users through the entire process of creating, editing, and uploading. Examples included Sound Cloud, Blip.TV, and Podomatic, which also showcase podcasts covering a wide range of topics.  



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  1. Artie Biedermann December 4, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    What Is The Program?

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