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About the Blog

14 Sep


This blog will seek to provide readers with some of my personal experiences with sushi restaurants in Barcelona, Spain. I have been a sushi enthusiast all my life, and consider myself to possess a good deal of knowledge in finding and reviewing quality sushi establishments. My posts will pertain to places in Barcelona, where I am studying abroad for almost four months. I will draw on my extensive experiences at sushi restaurants in my hometown of New York, as well as my college city of Nashville, Tennessee, and other locations around the globe. I will seek to provide readers with a clear idea of the food quality, ambiance, and service for each of my reviewed restaurants, as well as pricing information and any additional details. I hope to raise awareness for some of the city´s best sushi spots, as well as hidden neighborhood gems, and, in rare cases, places to avoid. It is my hope that my reviews can function as a sort of travel guide for sushi for Barcelona. I will review approximately one restaurant per week, as well as post once per week about topics related to a class I am enrolled in while abroad, Journalism 2.0.