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3 Dec

Place: Temaki-ya

Address: C/ Gignàs, 28

Meal Eaten: Dinner

Background: Temaki-ya was recommended to me by multiple friends, who all spoke highly about the freshness of the fish and the uniqueness of the restaurant. They mentioned that the place is perfect for a bite between classes or when in a hurry, and recommended any of the hand roll options.

Setting: Temaki-ya is located on a side road off the main street of Via Laietana, across from the American abroad student favorite, Milk. Temaki-ya markets itself as ‘Spain’s only temakeria,’ with only hand rolls, cut rolls, and a couple very basic appetizers (edamame, miso soup, etc.) on its menu. It only has four or five tiny round tables with long stools, encouraging a take-out approach – a sort of ‘Japanese fast food’ – quite rare by sushi standards. Diners place their orders at the counter, and the sushi chef immediately begins stuffing fish and other ingredients into sheets of seaweed.

Food/Price: The Temaki-ya menu is fairly easy to follow, as there are around five basic fish options (tuna, salmon, shrimp, fresh crab, gilthead) that are offered in the same type of rolls: plain, spicy, and with a couple of different and rather basic flavorful ingredients. Each option is available in a hand or cut roll. There are also a couple of set menu options, which feature something like a couple of hand rolls plus an appetizer and drink. I chose to order à la carte, going with a spicy tuna hand roll, spicy salmon hand roll, and a second salmon hand roll that included chive and purple lettuce, both ingredients that Temaki-ya appears to love including in their rolls. Each roll was priced between 5 and 7 euros, relatively cheap for sushi in Barcelona, though one must account for the absence of table seating and rushed atmosphere. The rolls were indeed fresh, stacked with ample amounts of sliced fish and seaweed, which provided a nice fresh crunch. The flavor of the fish was masked slightly by abundant amounts of spicy mayo, but I had expected it to be used for the spicy rolls and the two fused together nicely for an explosion of flavor.

Another unique feature of the restaurant was the three large canisters found on the table, which held soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and soy sauce mixed with wasabi; the first time that I had noticed the last option pre-mixed. It was mixed well proportionally, adding a good amount of salty-spiciness to the hand rolls. My girlfriend described the vegetable-only hand roll that she ordered as fresh and flavorful.

Bottom Line: While not a gourmet sushi restaurant, Temaki-ya offers a welcome alternative as a stop-in for a quick sushi fix. The hand rolls are fresh and filling, and diners won’t be disappointed with their meal or wallets. Recommended for a casual snack or take-out lunch or dinner.


Food: 7.25

Ambiance: 5

Price: 18 euros