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Final Barcelona Post

14 Dec

After over three months of writing both reviews of Barcelona’s top sushi restaurants and about the concepts of Journalism 2.0, I am headed back to my hometown of New York City. In the next few weeks, I hope to continue writing reviews of sushi restaurants in New York, in a similar fashion to the way I covered the different spots in Barcelona.

Overall, I would classify the sushi quality in Barcelona as often good but rarely great. A lot of restaurants that I had the privilege of visiting during my time here served adequate and fresh sushi that I would categorize as good quality. My main critiques would be the limited selection of fish available at most places (granted, Barcelona’s location on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea promotes local fishermen’s catches, which overlap greatly) and the lack of Japanese-run upscale sushi restaurants (again, this is most likely a biased opinion because of my upbringing in New York City). I leave Barcelona with a quick list recap of the best sushi restaurants I discovered during my time here, linked to my detailed reviews of them:

1. Wakasa

2. Koy Shunka

3. Shunka

4. ON Sushi

5. Nomo

Nakashita finishes in a close 6th place and Yamadori remains the one place I would have liked to try but never found time while in Barcelona. Looking forward to hearing feedback from any of you who try out my personal favorites!



9 Nov

Place: Nomo

Address: Gran de Gracia, 13

Meal Eaten: Dinner

Background: As I was scouring for my next sushi restaurant conquest in Barcelona, I came accross an article on the website Secrets of Barcelona touting the up-and-coming trendy Japanese restaurant Nomo. The article praised the restaurant´s stylish decor and mentioned that it has become especially popular with young people in the city. I had to investigate.

Setting: Nomo is located in a busy section of the city, right by Passeig de Gracia. The large all-glass door allows bypassers to view the (usually full) modern interior, with a sushi bar in front and around 15 colorful tables scattered throughout the large space. The menu was an indication that this place is truly hip: the menu is accompanied by a magnetic board, with small squares containing numbers that correspond to each food item. Diners place little magnets inside each the squares of the dishes they wish to order. Cool.

Food/Price: I have always surmised that people tend to order more food at restaurants where they do not order verbally with the waiter. My hypothesis was supported by a meal that saw me order edamame with white truffle oil (6 euros), sushi moriawase (23 euros), my personal favorite, and two special rolls to split with my friend. Special recognition to the restaurant for having my personal favorite, wasabi tobiko nigiri, of which I ordered one piece. The edamame was so delectable we almost ordered another, as the white truffle oil provided just the right hint of flavor to differentiate it from the mundane appetizer it has become known as. The wasabi tobiko made my eyes water from the intense spiciness – the eggs were proportioned well to the amount of rice and extremely fresh. The two rolls, spicy tuna and a salmon/papaya combination with salmon roe provided an abundance of flavor, not quite the most authentic of sushi rolls, but enjoyable nonetheless. The sushi moriawase plate, which totaled 15 pieces of sushi, contained several varieties of sushi, including eel and tuna gunkan, and impressively contained no doubles. It also included a nice variation of roll pieces, instead of one single roll. Always a good sign. We definitely overate, but the quality and variety of fish caused us to finish every bite.

Bottom Line: Nomo reminded me of ON Sushi in many respects. The decor is modern and the intricate roll combinations burst with taste. Nomo evens goes a step further, offering combinations such as brie and walnut nigiri, drizzled with honey (which we noticed after ordering, and essentially had for dessert). While not necessarily for the stick-to-the-book sushi enthusiast, Nomo offers a vast menu with several ingredients not normally associated with raw fish. A definite must-go for those craving a fun atmosphere and some creativity with their sushi.


Food: 8.25

Ambiance: 8.5

Cost: 40 euros