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Podcast Assignment: Jose Reyes Leaves the Mets

5 Dec

I have included a three-minute podcast on Major League Baseball’s Jose Reyes deciding today to leave the New York Mets and sign with the Miami Marlins. The discussion is between me and my friend, lifelong Mets fan Stuart Johnson. The audio was recorded using Audacity and then uploaded onto Sound Cloud, where I was able to directly copy and paste the link to this blog’s page.




How to Podcast

30 Nov

While most of us have definitely heard about podcasting and understand the basic idea behind one, I would guess that very few of us have ever created or even thought about starting our own. Sure, we have strong opinions and original ideas about our various hobbies or favorite shows, but wouldn´t the process behind creating one be both time consuming and confusing? The answer is surprisingly, no! Creating and editing one´s own podcast takes both little effort and limited technical skill (and can even be done for free). For example, from the moment one sits down to talk about the previous night´s episode of Entourage with a friend, the audio file is only minutes away from being able to be uploaded to potentially millions of listeners and subscribers! Here is a helpful video that guides through the relatively easy steps involved in creating and uploading a podcast to a worldwide audience on iTunes:

Pretty easy, right? In-class discussion on Monday focused on a variety of programs available online to all for free that guide users through the entire process of creating, editing, and uploading. Examples included Sound Cloud, Blip.TV, and Podomatic, which also showcase podcasts covering a wide range of topics.  


Podcasting: The Audible Revolution

23 Nov

Podcasts have been an effective and easy way to share audible content ever since their inception in the mid-2000s. The basic advantage of podcasts are simple: they are PORTABLE! Users can listen to what they want, when they want it, and where they want to. Having to plan part of a day around being at a certain place at a specific time to catch a half-hour show when it airs is a thing of the past. Want to listen to the New York Times audio version show from that same morning on your evening flight from Barcelona to Paris? You got it. Podcasting has been so popular and widespread because of how easy it is for all. Almost everyone I know has an iPod and enjoys keeping up with the news, or has a favorite television show, or possesses some sort of interest in a radio program. The combination of the two has become simple: podcasts. Podcasts represent the shift from a push medium to a pull medium: the audience has never had so much control over media content.

In my personal experience, it is equally as simple to create a podcast. Back in 2007, my friend and I recorded ourselves talking on a weekly basis about our favorite baseball team, the New York Mets. Granted, I have forgotten the details of how it was uploaded, but within minutes, we had our content available for all to enjoy (or most likely, ignore) on iTunes. Yes, the same iTunes visited daily by millions of users worldwide. It was astoundingly simple for us to record ourselves in a New York City kitchen and potentially be heard only minutes later by some lone Mets fan riding the bus on the way to work in Taiwan.